Friday, 21 October 2011

Tame Animals

omg cat animated gif

                                           The animals that we keep as a pet is a tame animals.

This is a cat. It has fur. It likes  to  eat fish.

This is a rabbit. Ih has a short tail. It likes to eat carrot.

This is a dog. It can barks. It likes to eat bone.
This is a parrot. It has two legs. It likes to eat fruit .

Wild Animals

This is an elephant. It has a long trunk. It likes to eat sugarcane.
This is a tiger. It has black and orange stripes on it body. It likes to eat meat.

This is a lion. It has mane around it neck.It likes to eat meat.
This is a giraffe. It has a long neck. It likes to eat twig and leaves.